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Sheenlac Home Care Services

  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Wood Finishes
  • Wooden Floor Coating
  • Hardware Fittings

Expert Advice / Consultancy on Painting Solutions

  • SOs will visit and understand customer’s requirements.
  • Help customer in making the right choice of colors.
  • Suggest best painting process for customer’s home.
  • Assist in choosing the best design to suit customer’s need.
  • Help customer to arrive at a viable Painting Estimate.

End to End Painting Solutions (E2E)

  • Help customer to arrive at the right combination of colors.
  • Suggest painting system suitable for customer’s home.
  • Help evaluate paintable area prior to painting.
  • Help in calculating and finalizing an estimate.
  • Daily monitoring of work progress by experienced supervisors.

State of Art Customer Service

  • A dedicated call center for enquiries/complaints.
  • Handover of Daily Work Schedule prior to start of Painting.
  • Daily update on the progress in work by the Supervisor.
  • Daily supervision of the site by the Supervisor.
  • Provide highly experienced contractors/painters.
  • Daily upkeep of the site during painting and post painting.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey post completion of painting.
  • One year Warranty on the painting job.

Professionally Supervised Painting

  • Highly experienced Supervisors.
  • Daily monitoring of work progress as per schedule.
  • Ensure quality of painting meets recommended guidelines.
  • Ensure painters are taking due care of things apart from painting E.g. Covering and masking of immovable / non- paintable surfaces, ensuring a clean job, taking care of furniture and fixtures, etc.
  • Professional handover of site post completion.
  • Contractors are appointed based on their previous work.
  • Customized customer sensitive painters based on customer’s profile E.g. Customer’s age / Gender / Number of people.
  • Every Project will have a Head Painter who will be a Single Point of Contact (SPOC).
  • Contractors will ensure daily upkeep of the site by covering and masking of immovable and non-paintable surfaces, ensuring a clean job, taking care of furniture and fixtures, etc.